Ritu Chadda
Jan 13, 2018

5 Steps to a Healthy and Happy Adult Life


1. Minimum Body Exercise

Five to ten minutes of stretching and 45 minutes of walking will keep you healthy happy and positive for life. Its a part of my daily start. Would love to see you all join me ;)


2. Healthy Food

Your food intake should be a combination of optimum Fibre(Salads), Protiens (Pulses, Egg. Fish) and Vitamins (Fruits). Walnuts, Badam & Seeds are the best way to keep your body balanced

Carbs must be at minimum.

Junk / processed food and aerated drinks is a strict NO NO

3. A Good Six to Seven Hours of Sleep

The sleeping time is night time. Its very important to sleep in the proper night hours 10 PM to 6 AM. This is the time when the body repairs its self and rebuilds what has been regenerated. If you stay awake at these hours the body looses its time of rebuilding and the next day further wear out happens, resulting in early aging signs, higher levels of stress and lower level of immunity.



4. A 100 Smiles every day

In complete 24 hours you spend 2 hours in freshening up, 7-8 hours of sleep, 2 hours average travelling, 8 hours at work, so you are left over with only 4 hours to smile. So you may stretch this 4 hours a little longer by adding your travel and working hours, which makes it 14 hours. Now if you have to smile a 100 times in these 14 hours you will have to smile 7.14 times every hour. :) Good to see you smiling while you read this as well. So that makes it a little more than once every 10 mins. This exercise will keep you young and healthy for ever. Try this tip for 3 months and you will see a major difference.


5. Now this one is Really Really Important for all Specially Adults.

Have a decent amount of good times with your partner/s ;). You know what I mean...

I wouldn't want to show you a picture for this actual act. But you can still enjoy the one below :)


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  • Navneeet
    Dec 22, 2018