Jan 12, 2018

Do you have a Website ? Do You want it to be Popular ?

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Did you know what a quality bank link means to your website ?

It simply means business and more business.

Read on till the end to know what it meant to me.



I learnt this recently when I did my Digital marketing course from L.I.P.S. India and after applying what I learnt there, has changed the dynamics of my website ( ARISTA SERVICE APARTMENTS ) and I know for sure that in near future my website will super seed my old targets and reach new heights which in turn will be a BIG BUSINESS CONVERSION for my organization.


Let me explain this in simple words. Lets say for instance you are an employee and you are looking for a change for growth in your career. You set up your resume and float it all over the industry of your interest and wait for interview calls. There are many more like you out there doing the same thing aspiring for growth the way you are. They also have a great content in their resume like you do. There is also a section in your resume that reads as "REFERENCES" Now this is what will finally make or break the game for a call an interview. I am sure you will agree with me on this point. A reference from a higher up like a Manager or Top management boss will help your resume carry higher chances of being short listed.


This is exactly what your website probably is missing i.e. a high authority reference, which in other words is known as a "BACK LINK" There are tons of material available online where you can learn on how you can earn a back link for your website one of my favorite is NEIL PATEL which will add value in the eyes of the search engine bots and your website will be ranked well and also short listed to be shown in the search results of your niche. Having said this, a good content in your website is non-replaceable.


So what are you waiting for ? Get hold of this new awesome knowledge, start creating and earning those high quality relevant back links to your awesome website and grab that business on your table.





One Free Tip ;) You can participate in forums like this write an article and earn back links.

Wait no Longer...

1. Grab your category in the links below,

2. Sign up, Create your profile and start your journey.

3. Share your article as much as you can. ( Being Generous Helps )

4. Be regular & Consistent in your work and watch how your graph grows northwards.


Links For you to write your articles and earn Back Links

Be original on your content and make a big difference to your awesome website. If your content is short listed it will be posted to 1000s of users by TRAVELORUM and you get them as your audience all for free.

Watch this Awesome Video by Neil Patel on Back Links



Cheers :)

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    Going Forward Self Employment is going to be the ultimate solution to many in India. This post is listing a few cool ideas which can start absolutely with very low or absolutely No Investment. Read till the end and let me know what do you think about it ? 1. Digital Marketing Today more than 70% of people are available Online. You are one of them as well. What you need to know is a little more about the social media than just posting your pictures and updates. You can actually make a lot of money by doing this for some people who cannot do this for themselves. YES that's right people hire freelancers to keep their Social status and accounts updated. You can earn a Minimum of 15 K per month for managing social media as low as 3-4 accounts. Once you start this you will know a lot more options that you can do for people on the digital platform. 2. Used Products Buying and Selling This is a very very simple business that any body can do locally and service a set of customers in their own locality. There are many people who want to get rid of their old products and keep looking for buyers. In spite of major players and platforms like OLX and many more you still have a wide scope to buy and sell used products. Start with small and low value products and you may expand slowly. You may do the same in commission basis, but you can make a little more money if you actually invest buy those products and then resell it. Just see to it that you work on realistic margins. 3. Web Developer You must be thinking this is too technical. But the reality is its not. You can actually get a basic website ready by updating bare minimum knowledge about web site development by doing some basic course. Even if you manage to get 2-3 customers in a month you can make any where between 15000 to 25000/- per month. Post that you also have scope of maintaining and updating these websites and also you may manage their social media campaigns etc.. 4. Mobile Phone Repairs. This is one of the most lucrative options, which is not really explored to the level it could be. Every family has at least 3 to 4 mobile phones and repairs are needed at least once in its life time. There are many courses available which can make you an expert mobile technician and you may carry out this business from your home. And once you gain the trust of few customers in your area, your business can grow leaps and bounds in No time and your customers will be willing to pay what ever you charge them. Its a business which can give you 200 to 300 % profit. 5. Be an Amazon Seller This cannot get any better. One of the most lucrative No cost business start up is to become an Amazon seller. You can start with as low as one single product to sell on Amazon. You don't have to even maintain physical stock. Just establish a tie-up with any whole seller or stockist and start selling their products Online. All you need to do is a little study about hot selling product range and start selling them. Think of daily need products there is a huge range available to sell. think think think :)
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    This is a Recent incidence happened in my family. We all have been using Paytm wallet and have been keeping money in this app to comfortably use it as and when needed. Till date even I was of the opinion that its safe and can never be misused. But finally a wallet is a wallet and there are pick pockets luring around us. It is easy for one to be careful and be aware of the wallet kept in one's pants. But what about the digital wallets. Do we keep opening our digital wallets every now and then ? Answer is NO To our surprise one fine day when my brother opened his wallet to make a payment he was surprised to notice that a whopping 14000/- rupees had just vanished from the balance. Upon investigation and enquiring with the wallet company, the number who had hacked and received the money was identified. Then the company officials asked us to make a police FIR. Thanks to our great police who refused to accept the complaint and gave a vague reason that such small complaints cannot be accepted as they want to keep the number of FIRs to the minimum until the next elections. How stupid and ridiculous can this get. We were left High and dry and the money is gone. So a word of caution to all my readers. Use your e wallets carefully and keep not more than 1000 at any given point. Share this article to maximum friends and relatives so that all can learn the lesson with out paying as high as we paid to learn this lesson. This seal of trust really needs to be questioned here.. Stay Safe and secured ! Cheers :)