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Jan 19, 2018

Unmatched Maestro of India !

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Mother land India has given birth to many great souls from the cosmic world, who came to this world just to set epic examples for future generations to follow their foot steps and create new heights in their genre. Some of such great soul's names & few of their work has been numeralised here..


This series will be continued with a basic concept of nature. The Father & The mother is the medium to any ones existence. In Indian music we believe that LAYA ( TEMPO ) is said to be the Father and the SWAR ( Musical Notes ) is said to be the Mother. Both put together has given birth to MUSIC in the whole. This article will talk about such great Fathers of Indian Music.

LAYA - Percussion - TABLA


Indian Percussion has been widely explored and experimented to yield some great creations and composition using this amazing instrument called TABLA.


Ahmed Jan Tirakwa (1892 - 1976)


This great soul was born to a musical family of Moradabad Uttarpradesh India. Started his musical lessons in his early young years from Ustad Mithoo Khan for vocals. His father Hussain Bux was a Sarangi player from whom he had taken sarangi lessons as well. Ustad Munir Khan a renowned Tabla Soloist was instrumental in drawing Tirakwa khan sahabs attention to the art of Tabla. His musical family helped him to take early lessons of tabla Sher Khan, Faiyaz Khan and Bashwa Khan were his uncles from whom he learned as well. At the age of 12 he reached his inspiration Ustad Munir Khan who groomed him by making him practice for 16 hours a day and made vital contributions in creating the legend. The name Tirakhwa was given by Ustad Munir Khan's father who watched him practice for long hours, when he saw his fingers dancing on the instrument like shimmering thunder he named him as Thirakhwa derived from the word "thirakh"

Thirakwa khan sahab could play compositions from all the different gharanas. He belongs to the Laliyana parampara of the Farukhabad gharana.


Other Laliyana Farukhabadi musicians are Ustad Amir Hussain (nephew of Munir Khan), Ustad Nizamuddin Khan, Ghulam Hussain, Shamsuddin & Pt. Nikhil Ghosh.


The romantic & serene moods Thirakwa khan sahab expressed with his thundering fingers was something that astonished many. Music Lovers would sit engrossed in his solos for as long as he performed.  He kept on doing his riyaaz (Practice) and he maintained his standard of unbelievable playing until the end even when he was 90 years young.


An immortal soul in the hearts of all sadhaks of music.


Explanation of Gharanas By Ustad ji




In current times the Doyen of Farukhabad gharana is carried forward by great maestros Pt. Nayan Ghosh, Pt. Suresh Talwalkar, and his disciple fine performer & a great teacher which is a rare combination Pt. Vishwanath Shirodkar


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Great fathers of Indian music are here for the discussion and to make new songs for the entertainment. India is renowned for the music and grammar checker ginger is checked for the sorts of all kinds for the public. Music is the lifeline of the Indian people on the basis of religion and such affiliation for the lives.

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