Ritu Chadda
Jan 27, 2018

Ruler of hearts | Present Music Lovers..

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Undoubted and unquestioned it goes to say that ARIJIT SINGH is presently ruling the hearts of 1000's & 1000's of hearts in the globe. The question is, is it his singing skills or the combination of some cool composer's creation. I go with the later. I believe the singer gets a better expression if he gets a brilliantly created song that suits his voice and genre.

Arijit Singh is that Lucky soul in the current times who was gifted with some great songs to boost his singing career.

Today he is the most highly paid Singer in the Bollywood industry. May it be a Live show or a song recording.

Arijit is a 30 year old singer today born to a Punjabi father and a Bengali mother on 25 April 1987 in Jiaganj, Murshidabad. He started his training in music at home since his grandmother used to sing and his aunt was trained in Indian Classical Music. His uncle also played the tabla. He also learnt music from his mother who sung and played the Tabla. His music skills are majorly from his Maternal side. At the tender age of 3 he started his musical journey with the Hazari Brothers. He was trained in Indian classical music by Rajendra Prasad Hazari and he learnt tabla from Dhirendra Prasad Hazari while Birendra Prasad Hazari taught him Rabeendra Sangeet and Pop Music.


He started his fame career from the reality show FAME GURUKUL but could not win the finals but his talent was recognized by the great Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his musical career started with him. He also participated in many other reality shows and gradually started winning hearts of millions. So from 2005 to 2018 here he is famous, rich and most loved.


About his early life struggles, he said: - "One has to suffer pain to reach their destination, those days when I failed to get work, I thought about quitting and going back in my hometown, but I realized that one should concentrate on one's work no matter what happens"


Today he also Programs and Produces Music himself and is a very promising entertainer.


What Do you think about him. Do write in the comment box.




Navsangeet Vidyalaya
Jan 27, 2018

Yes Indeed he is a Ruler of Hearts. Yet it is so evident that classical training base and Foundation of Music is So Important to flourish and find better expression. Most of the current generation people look at the end product and miss the preparation part. My message to all enthusiasts is divert your attention in training yourself than just basking into the screens with a Guitar :)

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