Jan 26, 2018

Kala Ghoda Festival with a HARA GHODA Theme in 2018



Kala Ghoda Association, was formed on 30th October 1998 with an objective to maintain and preserve the heritage art district of South Mumbai. It is considered to be country's prestigious art festival. It attracts audiences not only from India but has international audience every year in the month of February.

It will showcase a kaleidoscope of events that brings the rich culture of art in different forms. In 2018 festival will start on 3rd Feb and will continue till 11th Feb.


This theme is revelling in the beauty of nature, in the peace of greenery remembering & celebrating the natural history of the world. 

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival brings to the stage the wonders of nature shown through performance and art.

1. Raging flames of the Fire of victory  |Agni

2. The liquid blue of Aqua |Jal

3. The indefinable Air |Vayu

4. The indestructible Earth |Prithvi

5. The realms of Space |Aakash


Events this year will be showcasing great artists like

Zakir Hussain

L Subramaniam




The Mehli Mehta Music Foundation kids

Parthiv Gohil

and so many more to the stage.

Other attractions will be Standup Comedy, Visual Arts, Urban Design & architecture, workshops


It brings together a host of waste upcyclers, travellers, photographers, painters, musicians, writers and many more experts from various fields offering visitors a variety of experience return enriched & amuzed.

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