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Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

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Nestled in the prime locations of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai Delhi & Gurgaon, Arista stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of service apartments. Renowned as the go-to choice for those seeking comfortable and budget accommodations, Arista sets itself apart as a cost-effective alternative to the often pricey hotel options in the bustling metropolis of major cities.

Specializing in corporate guest houses, Arista has earned a stellar reputation for providing tailored services to business travelers. The focus on delivering a seamless and efficient experience for professionals in need of temporary housing solutions has solidified Arista's position as a trusted partner in the corporate accommodation landscape. 
However, Arista is not solely limited to the corporate domain; it extends its welcoming arms to families as well, offering them affordable and economical options for lodging in the city. What sets Arista apart is its commitment to providing a luxury service apartment to every guest, regardless of the duration of their stay. 

The strategic locations, coupled with the affordability and quality of service, make Arista an undisputed leader in the realm of service apartments in Mumbai and service apartments in Navi Mumbai. With a perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness, Arista continues to redefine the standards of accommodation in these vibrant and dynamic cities.

The service residences are designed to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, ensuring that guests feel at home even when miles away from their own. The attention to detail is evident in the well-trained caretakers who not only maintain the apartments with impeccable standards but also take pride in their culinary skills.

Arista's caretakers are adept at preparing delicious and nutritious meals with a homemade touch. Prioritizing the health and well-being of guests, the culinary offerings at Arista are not only appetizing but also reflect a dedication to creating an at home apartment hotel atmosphere.

This commitment to guest satisfaction extends beyond the physical space and permeates every aspect of their stay, making it a truly comfortable and convenient experience. Whether it's a short-term stay for a business trip or a long-term residence, Arista's serviced apartments are designed to meet the diverse needs of its guests. 

Our Amazing Clientele

  • Aditya Birla Insurance Broking

  • AdFactors PR 

  • Acidaes Solutions

  • Allcargo Logistics Limited

  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt Ltd

  • DDecor Home Fabrics Pvt Ltd

  • Edelweiss 

  • Lilac Insights

  • Mahindra Defence Ltd

  • Oracle 

  • Oriano Energy 

  • IDFC First Bank

  • Tata Motors Insurance Broking

  • Zydus 

  • Vaultedge Software

  • Athaang Infrastructure 

  • Bombay Stock Exchange

What Is a Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment is a completely furnished apartment rental, suitable for both brief and extended stays, offering amenities for everyday needs, regular housekeeping, and an array of additional services—all encompassed in the rental fee. These accommodations present features akin to those of a conventional hotel but with increased roominess, convenience, and privacy, allowing you to experience local living while on the go, and typically at a more economical price.

Service apartments stand as a versatile lodging option, designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking temporary or extended housing solutions. These fully furnished apartments not only boast comprehensive furnishings but also go the extra mile by integrating essential services into the rental package. 
This includes routine housekeeping services that ensure a consistently clean and well-maintained environment, allowing residents to focus on their endeavors without the hassle of daily chores.

Unlike the confined quarters of hotel rooms, serviced accommodation provides a more expansive and homely atmosphere. This additional room allows for greater flexibility in daily activities, be it work, leisure, or simply unwinding after a day of exploration. In terms of cost, service apartments often present a more budget-friendly alternative to traditional hotel stays. With all-inclusive pricing covering utilities, services, and amenities, individuals can enjoy a comprehensive package without the worry of hidden fees. 

This affordability factor makes serviced apartments an appealing choice for both short-stay rentals seeking convenience and long-stays seeking a home away from home.









Sunder Ramgopalam

Rakesh Gora

Sushma Shetty

Wonderful place, lovely staff. They have me as Their life time client now...

One of the best stay  experience I ever had in a serviced apartment,      

a home like feeling with best service.

I ensure to book a month before my travel plans :)

The involvement of the owners in taking care of their guest's needs is commendable.

I wish them great success. 5* I recommend u must experience this your self. 

I have always opened my eyes to see a clean & pleasent morning of my stay and have entered into the room after work to see a welcoming & smiling host. Hatsoff...


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