Aug 6, 2018

My First International Trip with Happy Owl Events



Happy Owl Events is majorly into Organizing Local Treks in the Sahyadri Range of Maharashtra. This year it took its first ever leap internationally and organized a Nature trip to Thailand. All in all it was a wonderful combination of City and Nature exploration. Along with the fun and thrill of the night life in Pataya and Bangkok, we had the unforgettable taste of nature at the PHI PHI Islands and James Bond Island. We had an opportunity to test our limits to experience adventure with the Bungy Jump and sea snorkling and much more. Below are some of the exclusive pictures of the unforgettable trip with Happy Owl Events.

Amazing Dophin Show


Amazing Sea Rides to the Exotic Islands from Phuket

Trilling Rough Sea Water Adventure

Diving into the Sea and Swimming all the way to the shore was the most challenging task.

Stay at the Exotic Resort



Oct 2


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Oct 11


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Nov 6

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