Jan 17, 2018

What a Talented Way of Writing. Loved the way its Written



Conversation Between Aadhaar - Apple and Samsung


Aadhaar: I have Biometric information of people who posses me

Apple: I too have the same

Samsung: I too have. So what's New


Aadhaar: But why do people critisice me? I only take it just once from the my subscribers

Apple: HA HA HA...:)) I take finger prints & scan eyes almost more than 10 times a day. And people agree to pay a heavy amount enabling me to do that..

Aadhaar: Oh My God Really ? But they say any one can steal these high quality details from them. Dont they say to you ?

Apple: I actually save every bit of information on the IPhone backup server. But they love me because I am expensive. Indians Love Expensive death.


Aadhaar: They say I am not secured. despite of the fact that I am encrypted.

Apple: Look do you remember when FBI took data from us? Its not about encryption. I gave all data to the US Intelligence.

Samsung: I too :)) :)) My brothers like VIVO, Xiomi do the same and the Chinese take it all.

Aadhaar: But why only I am cursed?


Apple & Samsung Unitedly :

It is because you are Indian and Possessed by Indians people who need excuses to abuse their own Indian Government. You become that excuse. We are BIG BRANDS ! People spend 40 - 50 grands and give all details like Location, GPS, Contacts, Biometric data, every damn thing and love posting on Facebook and Instagram -

Hey thats my New I Phone

How True is this ? Thought provoking isn't it ?


What do you think please comment and share it if you understand where we are heading...


Cheers :)


Navsangeet Vidyalaya
Jan 19, 2018

Very Well written. Message is clear.. Our people need to be aware and act responsibly...

Ritu Chadda
Jan 19, 2018Edited: Jan 19, 2018

Aadhaar card might be a good initiative. But I really would like to be sure that it will not be misused by our own people, and also if the government changes to congress again to the fate of unfortunate INDIA then what will be the role of this initiative ?

We Indians are victims of our own leaders.

That's the History of India :(


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  • Navneeet
    Jan 11, 2018

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