Jan 11, 2018

Hey Guys ! Let us Share some Great Talents and Rejoice

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Edited: Jan 11, 2018

I came across this great art of Ambigram recently. One of my friend's hidden talent. And he has a lot of them which he has promised to share with us here. Take a glimpse of one here. Turn around the Image and see what you read

If you like what you see

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Ritu Chadda
Jan 11, 2018

WOW Awsome Creativity... Would love to see more of such great works

Sharing one more from the web...Turn upside down and you read..



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  • Navneeet
    Jan 19, 2018

    Conversation Between Aadhaar - Apple and Samsung Aadhaar : I have Biometric information of people who posses me Apple : I too have the same Samsung : I too have. So what's New Aadhaar: But why do people critisice me? I only take it just once from the my subscribers Apple : HA HA HA...:)) I take finger prints & scan eyes almost more than 10 times a day. And people agree to pay a heavy amount enabling me to do that.. Aadhaar : Oh My God Really ? But they say any one can steal these high quality details from them. Dont they say to you ? Apple : I actually save every bit of information on the IPhone backup server. But they love me because I am expensive. Indians Love Expensive death. Aadhaar : They say I am not secured. despite of the fact that I am encrypted. Apple : Look do you remember when FBI took data from us? Its not about encryption. I gave all data to the US Intelligence. Samsung : I too :)) :)) My brothers like VIVO, Xiomi do the same and the Chinese take it all. Aadhaar : But why only I am cursed? Apple & Samsung Unitedly : It is because you are Indian and Possessed by Indians people who need excuses to abuse their own Indian Government. You become that excuse. We are BIG BRANDS ! People spend 40 - 50 grands and give all details like Location, GPS, Contacts, Biometric data, every damn thing and love posting on Facebook and Instagram - Hey thats my New I Phone How True is this ? Thought provoking isn't it ? What do you think please comment and share it if you understand where we are heading... Cheers :)