Jan 2, 2018

Why Serviced apartment Is a better option than hotel rooms ?


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Jan 2, 2018

First thing first is you would always like to live like a local, that's something every traveller want to do to feel safe and comfortable in a new place. The care takers in the apartment would be well versed with local area and could provide you the right information needed to roam around the place.


Secondly you will have access to a homely stay and you can opt to have the kind of food you are accustomed to by asking the cook to prepare exactly the way you like it to be cooked.


Third you can invite as many visitors and have meetings, get togethers, or have some cool chill times with friends, just like you do in the comfort of your home.You also have the option to have your pet friend while you stay there.


Last but not the least all this can be availed at a very low cost as compared to expensive small compact hotel rooms. You can select a place close to your work place. You can have strategic Corporate tie-ups for a regular stay. The staying option can be utilised by different employees or visitors at different times. You can have a permanant address as a stay option for your company travellers in that city.


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Hemant N
Jan 2, 2018

Nice Article.. Hotel rooms are usually small, whereas a serviced apartment are bigger and give you a home like feel.. Also, cost wise serviced apartment is always a better option.

Apurva Ram
Apr 1


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